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Complete Installation & More For Retaining Walls in Kamloops

Protect your residential or commercial property and increase usable space with a designed retaining wall from Pronto Enterprises in Kamloops. Our retaining walls are built to last, constructed by our certified wall builders. Call us today to schedule an appointment to discuss your retaining wall needs.

  • Concrete stacking block systems
  • Geogrid systems
  • Terraced walls
  • Stairways
  • Rock walls


For all of our retaining wall projects, we use top-quality products from leading manufacturers, including:


Gravity walls, reinforced walls. Poured concrete, big block segmented retaining wall system (SRW), designed to simulate natural stone look without loss of usable space. Engineering available.


  • Manufactured product allows for a high level of accuracy
  • Interlocking system increases overall wall strength
  • Post-install staining and sealing is available in a variety of colours
  • 1.25" batter over 18" allows for maximized usable space
  • Big block mass allows for higher gravity walls, reducing excavation costs
  • 1/3 man labour


  • Access for heavier machinery is a must

SRW (Segmented Retaining Walls)

Reinforced walls, cast in place concrete, small block SRW, variety of colours and styles, engineering available.


  • Small block increases block manipulation, allowing for more intricate designs
  • Manufactured product allows for a high level of accuracy
  • A variety of styles and colours is available
  • Interlocking system increases overall wall strength


  • Labour-intensive

Rockery Walls

Gravity stack wall. Engineering not available.


  • Materials are usually readily available when excavating a new construction, thereby reducing costs
  • Natural boulders have esthetical appeal in certain applications


  • Unable to engineer (should not exceed 4 ft. in height)
  • Very large batter on walls means loss of usable space
  • Wall shifting and seepage of back fill materials are common
  • Machinery required for larger stones

Gabion Walls

Gravity wall, rock-filled wire baskets created for temporary solutions in logging road construction.


  • Inexpensive solution to retaining walls


  • Alkaline soils in our region deteriorate galvanized wire baskets, which may cause wall failures
  • Loss of backfill materials through interstitial spaces
  • Settling of individual basket contents is common
  • Visible wire baskets hinder esthetics
  • Labour-intensive
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