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sprinkler system

Achieve a Beautiful Lawn with Professional Irrigation Services in Kamloops

A beautiful garden and vibrant lawn are both dependent on two things to prosper: Access to ample sunlight and plenty of life-giving water. Pronto Enterprises Ltd. has been providing irrigation services across Kamloops properties for decades. When it comes to sprinkler systems we have the experience and knowledge to install, and maintain your system from season to season.

In order to continuously deliver you reliable water on-demand, your irrigation system requires frequent service and maintenance. Let us handle the wet works while you keep your sprinkler out of sight and out of mind. To ensure your irrigation systems functions as it should helping plants and lawns grow, we offer the following sprinkler services:

  • Seasonal start-ups

  • Winterization

  • Installation

  • Repairs

  • Maintenance

  • Tune-ups

  • Backflow testing

We work hard to provide you with the best landscaping money can buy, and part of supporting this mini-ecosystem is through an effective irrigation and sprinkler system!


Benefits of Installing an Irrigation System Installed

  • Increases the value of your home

  • Helps prevent weed growth and disease in your plants

  • Maintains soil nutrient balance

  • Prevents the risk of over watering or under watering

An automated irrigation system can sidestep many problems associated with high water demand, drought or plain poor use of water.

All in One Service - Installation, Repair, & Maintenance

A well installed and properly maintained sprinkler system will deliver the perfect amount of water to your plants and lawn without over- or under-watering them. In order to perfect your system it has to be done right from the beginning. Pronto Enterprises will design and install a complementary sprinkler system dedicated to the success of your lawn and garden. Our landscaping experts will plan out your system from the ground up to maintain your beautiful green space.

Once everything is properly installed and running well, you can still count on us for routine maintenance. To ensure that everything is irrigating and sprinkling as expected we can visit your property to check your water pressure, timer settings, and valve connections. During our inspection we will be sure to address any repairs needed as well.

Dos and Don’ts to Maintain your Sprinkler System

The most important time to service your sprinkler happens during the seasonal months when the weather changes. Whether frosty temperatures threaten your system or warm weather signals that it’s time to turn things on again, we can make sure that your irrigation system is well taken care of at all times of the year.


Winterization Service Check list

Before the temperature starts to dip below freezing it’s time to Winterize your sprinkler for the season. To do this we follow a simple check-list to make sure your sprinklers aren’t damaged by frost and ice including:

  • Check that all is functioning correctly 

  • Check the back flow 

  • Empty all the water and shut it off 


Sprinkler Start-up Check list 

When things warm up again and your lawn and garden start to return to life we can return to officially Start-up your sprinkler system. Just like Winterization, your sprinkler Spring Start-up requires a thorough check-list to get the water flowing freely again:

  • Fill pipes with water again slowly

  • Manually activate all points in your system

  • Check on pressure and operation of each sprinkler

  • Reprogram your controllers


Backflow Prevention Testing

Most sprinkler irrigation systems are attached to a potable water supply, which usually is either a city water main, a well, or any other source of drinking water. It is necessary to ensure that a backflow prevention system is in place. Several potentially harmful herbicides, pesticides, fertilizers, and even animal feces risk re-entering the sprinkler irrigation system back into the clean water source. The backflow prevention ensures that this doesn’t happen! As your irrigation maintenance and service experts we will do thorough tests on your system to make sure everything is running up to code.

Combine your gorgeous landscaping with the necessary irrigation system to keep your lawn and garden happy and healthy.


Get in touch with us if you are looking for irrigation services in Kamloops or call us at 250-372-9644 to install a custom irrigation system in your yard today!

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