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Reliable Landscape Maintenance Services in Kamloops

Located in Kamloops, Pronto Enterprises Ltd. provides home and business owners with professional landscape maintenance services. Our team will help ensure the continued health of your trees, plants and lawn through a wide range of maintenance techniques. Landscape maintenance of your Kamloops property is as important as landscape designing. Regular maintenance will help in ensuring proper upkeep of the garden and other accessories such as walkways and retaining walls. Give us a call today for more information regarding landscape maintenance in Kamloops or to schedule an appointment.

Sustainable Maintenance Services Descriptions

Landscape Audit

Determining soil type, nutrient values, plant species, layout, and microclimates is essential to managing your landscape.

Lawn Care Services

Mowing: Regular visits maintain an optimal height of grass (2-3inches) helping shade roots, reducing soil water evaporation and encouraging deeper root growth.

Fertilization: Providing quality nutrients for plant uptake encourages even and sustained growth over a 4 to 6-week period.

Power Raking: Helps maintain thatch layer to allow air, water, and nutrients to reach the soil surface.

Aeration: Removes 1 to 3-inch cores from the soil, reducing compaction and allowing air, water and nutrients to reach the root zone.

Top Dressing: Conditions soil naturally to encourage water retention, encourage microbe populations that will naturally reduce thatch layers and provide nutrients within the soil structure for plant uptake.

Over-Seeding: Introducing newer seed strains that are drought-resistant and are naturally resistant to pests and disease. This creates a thick lawn that minimizes soil exposure, naturally choking weeds.

Weed Control: Providing an environment that weeds will not thrive in is the key to sustainable weed management. The above services combined will naturally choke out weeds, but if an infestation occurs that can’t be controlled naturally, our certified IPM techs have an arsenal of treatments that will contain the outbreak.

Garden Maintenance Services

Spring Clean-up: Working with your type of landscape to remove unsightly debris.

Bed Maintenance: Weed management, soil conditioning and plant management will create a healthy environment for your plants, naturally reducing pests and disease.

Tree Health: Fertilization and pruning combined with monitoring of pests and diseases, promoting healthy growth.

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